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The Complete Variety 15-Pack

The Complete Variety 15-Pack
15-Pack (15 x 5.5 oz. bag)
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Can't decide which Paqui tortilla chips are your favorite? Now you don't have to!

The Complete Variety 15-Pack contains:

  • (3) Haunted Ghost Pepper
  • (3) Cool Salsa Verde
  • (3) Fiery Chile Limón
  • (3) Jalapeño Tropicale
  • (3) Mucho Nacho Cheese.
  • This product has no Artificial Ingredients
  • This product has no Artificial Flavors
  • This product has no preservatives
  • This product is Non G.M.O.
  • This product is Gluten Free
  • This product is Dairy Kosher
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